Soon to be a housing development: Google

Here we go again! yet more houses are to be built on land behind where currently a car wash and convenience store operates from on Warburton Lane in Partington.

The outline application says that 3 bed 8 houses are to be built if all goes to plan, already the application has an objection and its expected more objections will be added.

It is often called by locals ‘The Mobil’ as in the past it used to be a convenience store and had in a different section of the building car equipment and other things like inner tubes and puncture repair, it operated for a while and was well liked by residents.


Once the owner left, the place was abandoned and after many years! to the right of the complex a car wash was installed and from what we can gather it is very popular.

One local person commented on the application about contaminated land issues, although this will be an easy fix for any developer, the problem is even though this is a small development does Partington really need any more housing developments? this one is on brownfield so sadly expect it to be approved.

Site location shows in the red where the new housing development is to go

Please note the car wash and convenience store is not part of the plans, however the story focuses fully on yet more houses for the area that are not needed and would cause more congestion on our roads.

For too long these fed up people have had no say! often so down about things many give in since the powers that be will always do what they want to Partington, the same anywhere! however people must not have this attitude and fight hard to be heard, with the pressure comes change.

We are the voice of the people and will always be that way, what we need to seal the deal is Labour councillors and Parish Councillors driving the same train, at this time both have not even left the station.

You can see the full application by entering 103616 into the search bar via this link