Location of the refused 5G mast in Partington: Google

Partington residents can feel a little bit easier today after Trafford Planning Committee refused a Three-UK mast on Oak Road in Partington.

With the application getting only three objections and a dodgy one from a ward member (whoever that was) in the application it was left to the planning committee to decide and they came good today refusing the harmful and ugly mast that would have affected many people.


This was the second Three-UK mast refused in Partington with the shopping Centre mast, which drew more objections including from the Parish Council.

Whilst Three are getting the ‘5G’ thumbs down sadly other networks like EE and Vodafone will swamp all of Trafford with a shallow 5G signal, with 5G Millimetre wave auction due soon the 5G microwave beams will be everywhere meaning unlike 4G and 3G you cannot escape it, no matter where you are!

Unlike Three all the other networks have gone around the back door and took out 4G antennas and replaced them with 5G in a sneaky way making people think they are safer if they are on a high rise or on a building!

Trafford Planning Committee refusal statement on the application said

“The proposed development would therefore have a detrimental impact on the character and visual appearance of the
street scene and the surrounding area. As such, the proposal would fail to comply with Policy L7 of the Trafford Core Strategy and guidance in the NPPF.”

Another mast refused with the help of the Facebook group ‘Trafford Residents Against 5G’ one if not the most successful anti-5G groups in the UK.