PM2.5 air pollution over the UK: Pic Nullschool

Air pollution warnings have been issued from tomorrow 6 September until midweek, Defra have given Greater Manchester a level 4 which is moderate.

We are aware though Defra does not give accurate forecasts and people who deal with air pollution monitoring confirm this, we expect then the levels to much higher and we urge people with lung issues to use caution when going outside.

DEFRA pollution map (4) is moderate

Higher air pollution can also affect healthy people, so if cycling or running you should take it easy for a few days until the air clears up a bit.

Already this year we have seen 69 deaths in Trafford attributable to air pollution, this is unacceptable since the Labour run council called a ‘Climate emergency’ at the back end of 2018, it was the leader himself who declared live on the council’s YouTube page “The poor air in Greater Manchester is killing people.”

Since then little if anything has changed with the poor air quality in Trafford and indeed Greater Manchester, for a couple of hours a day it seems Manchester City Centre becomes an air pollution hot spot where the air gets so bad people should not be breathing it in.

Here in Trafford we have seen thousands of healthy trees chopped down, we are told they only test of NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) and not particulates which is causing the most concern.


Some air pollution though is not of our own making, lots of poor air comes from Europe, sometimes sand from the Sahara desert which mixes with our pollution causing very high particulates.

In the near future Trafford will be like a gigantic car park due to the rush to build more homes for people to live in, the pollution rates will go even higher and more deaths will happen, more kids will grow up with asthma and other lung complaints.

Building houses might well be needed, common sense though is badly needed and so far we have seen very little of it from the current Labour run council.

A simple way for them to see the errors they are making is: More houses/apartments = more people = more cars = more pollution = more deaths and so on, you cannot and should not stop progress however you need to stop for a while to see the damage a decision can make to an entire community before giving the nod to a housing developer who’s only interest is how much he can make.

For every house or apartment built is another car on the road, is another mouth to feed, is another person needing to see an overwhelmed doctor, it will create more rubbish for One Trafford, what does all this mean for our emergency services and hospitals? does anyone ever think about these things at the council?

Our Air will get worse in the coming years as more houses are built, more deaths and hardship to come all due to our councillors making poor decisions, for every housing development built means more green spaces go, and it has to stop! for the sake of every resident in this borough and ultimately for themselves.