Volunteers from ASEZ WAO and the World Mission Society Church of God (UK Zion) descended upon the streets of Old Trafford on Sunday the 5th of September to carry out their 6,522nd worldwide clean-up Campaign.

ASEZ WAO stands for “Save the earth from A to Z because we are one family”. And the work carried out by the group, that consists mainly of young adults, is very much needed in today’s society.

Through the voluntary actions of ASEZ WAO and the Church of God, awareness to environmental issues is increased and people are inspired to act by participating in activities, whether individually or as a group, to solve the issues we face and make our world a better place.


As time passes, year after year, the awareness of environmental issues has improved, people’s participation has increased and lots of good work has been done. Such efforts saw the group receiving the Green apple bronze and gold award in 2018.

With this in mind, over 50 volunteers from ASEZ WOA and UK ZION cleaned up the streets of Old Trafford that have been continuously plagued by littering and fly tipping. They also cut back overgrown vegetation that was beginning to make the pavement disappear and forcing residents to walk out on a dangerous road with a nearby blind hazardous bend that cars often speed down, using it as a slip road.

The volunteers worked with joy and the mind of a Mother, picking up trash, removing bulky waste and cutting back overgrown vegetation. The mind of Mother that the volunteers work with reflects a mother’s love who is selfless and gives, without wanting to receive, to her children and family taking care of all details and stems from the group’s belief in God the Mother.

One volunteer commented:

“Climate change is a big issue as I’m young it’s my age group that will feel the consequences of what we do now.

“If we all consider others and do our bit then a real difference can be made. We hope that others can be encouraged to participate in voluntary activities; projects like the “No more GPGP” project. Everyone can do their bit to make a better future for our and for future generations.”

After completing the event the pavement had been reclaimed for the use of residents and around 750Kg of rubbish had been collected.

As part of the “No more GPGP” project (an initiative to reduce single use plastics which is ruining the marine ecosystem and forming huge garbage patches in the Pacific Ocean that are visible from space) the volunteers also separated the plastic waste for recycling.

Residents and passers-by thanked the volunteers and encouraged them; and the volunteers ended the day with smiles on their faces.

The issues that our planet is faced with will not end in one day however if we continually make efforts and take the responsibility to do our part, working together, then we can solve this problem.

The volunteers from ASEZ WAO and the Church of God express their love and commitment to society and will continue to work for the good of Manchester and mankind through further clean-up and voluntary activities.

With one voice the volunteers send their message to all; “We love you.”