Manchester United ground: Pic Darren Marsden
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Manchester United FC are to ask for proof of vaccination at this weekend’s game at home against Newcastle.

United have said that all fans will be allowed in for the game even if you do not have the relevant information to prove you have had the jab, although encourage people to download an app where you can prove you have had the jab.

From 1 October 2021 it will become mandatory for fans to prove they have had the vaccine at large events which also include night clubs and other events.

All those under 18 are exempt from showing a pass.


If you have not had the vaccine then we urge you to get it, even one dose will give you access to these events, it could be the people of the UK are blackmailed further by this draconian government by introducing more things to the list, such as going into Trafford Centre or Manchester Arndale and other places where people hang out.

We don’t think it will be introduced for shops however nothing is certain.

Manchester United have no options but to go along with what the government says fans can continue to watch the team play home and away, the same for all the other clubs.

Many people are refusing the vaccine due to it being experimental and the reality that many healthy people have died from taking it or have had many nasty side effects, still the same if all goes well it will mean even if you do get Covid you will be less likely to end up in hospital.

The decision though should always be with the individual not with a government, this is where Boris Johnson and his government and its so called scientific advisers will be pleading for help from a high court judge to let them free once the public enquiry gets underway which is why Boris Johnson is delaying things.

We are not saying not to be getting the vaccine, what we are saying is it should always be the right of the individual to make his or her mind up, and should not be blackmailed into having the vaccine as is the case now.

It is for the opposition to stop this and they have done nothing, hiding like frightened animals it wouldn’t surprise us if Labour councillors and MP’s are hiding under the bed right now obeying to Boris Johnson who let’s face it couldn’t run a bath let alone the country.

For United fans you can read more about the plans to introduce the Covid pass here