The brave soldiers and staff who fought for our country will be honoured at a special event to mark the 81st anniversary of Battle of Britain.

To remember all those that died in the war a special commemorative event will be held at Sale Town Hall on 19 September at 10.30am where political people and the armed services will attend.

It is expected many people will be in attendance on the day so getting in place early would be advisable.

We are also hopeful we will have a fly pass of some military aircraft so look to the skies depending on the weather.

If war broke out today it would be much different and much more devastating, the wars we will face in the near future will be biological in nature which presents big problems and lots of people will die.

The UK armed forces would not be able to defend us anymore due to all the cuts from one if not the most useless government England has ever seen, hoping the US will help is what our government are hoping, only they will when its too late.

Wars are the making of the politicians, disagreements, and misunderstandings.