Men and women at a running event on a surface fit for running!

The Trafford 10k road race is being held next Sunday and we have identified a potentially dangerous road that could cause injuries or worse.

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Chapel Lane in Partington as you go past Cross Lane Park to the right and as you turn the bend heading east the road becomes a nightmare, from shallow potholes that the council won’t repair, and uneven surface runners will find it difficult to run.

The injuries that runners will get will be cuts and bruises, twisted ankles and more likely than not a sprain which will stop someone from running.


We asked the council many times in the past to sort this bit of road out and all they did was fill in some potholes, now the shallow potholes you will see in the video are not deep enough for the council to fix them, it will though cause problems for runners.

The road almost becomes a mound at one point with one side on a slant, another part of the road the tarmac edge is showing leaving a gap which for a runner could cause him or her to trip, or sprain an ankle, at that point they could even end up in the edges and looking at the state of them right now this is not a good thing.

We are actually shocked the race organisers have kept with running down this bit of Partington, they must have known how bad things are down Chapel Lane.

For this time, all we can do is alert all the runners to the dangers and further on onto Sinderland Lane, although for the most part its fairly good to run on.

We wish all runners all the best in the race which is very popular, all the fun starts next Sunday kicking of at 9.30am, you can still enter the race by clicking here

Roads will close for the event at 8am until midday, this will affect the 247 bus from Partington to Altrincham and the other way around.