Partington residents and the Parish Council with the help of Trafford Residents Against 5G Facebook Group managed to get a 5G mast refused by the council on Manchester New Road.

Now Three-UK are back again this time the mast will be shorter at 15m high, they are thinking this will help them to get the mast approved by the council,

Trafford Planning could approve this mast though due to the size difference and no real loss of space for pedestrians and disabled people on the pavement.

With the last application the Parish Council helped in a big way to get the mast stopped for health and safety reasons, although the refusal from the council was because of the church, it is hoped the same will apply again since this mast is exactly the same just a little snaller.


If the mast does go up it will affect everyone at the shopping centre, and Partington Central Academy, one of things we are fully sure of is 5G frequencies although at this time only 3.8GHz is not good for children, to explain, with 4G it was not a beam, and multi directional, with 5G its a beam and focused.

As the ICNIRP guidelines states “Anything under 6GHz the microwave beams will go through the skin easier” a child’s skin is thin more elastic than an adult so a 5G beam will go right through them, the eyes are another concern and mentioned in the ICNIRP guidelines about them being warmed up.

If you are having a baby, or looking to have one then these focused beams are not good at all! again the ICNIRP guidelines mentioned the heating up of the placenta.

More problems for all of us will come next year when networks start rolling out millimetre wave antennas under the disguise of a nice friendly name, these small cells will be everywhere, and emit 27GHz of microwave radiation, and this will increase up to 300GHz in the years to come.

We ask all of Partington to get this mast stopped by objecting, to object the easiest way is to email and use 105706/TEL/21 in subject heading

Cover picture: Google