Organisers of Trafford 10K which will be run tomorrow have now taken the important steps to keep runners upright by marking all of the shallow potholes on the entire length of Chapel Lane in Partington from the sports centre.

This is a complete embarrassment for the council who have had nothing but complaints about the road from fly tipping to the state of the road.

One Trafford does not class a shallow pothole as being enough for them to fix, however this is a very well run and attended event with runners all over the North West coming to the event and it was important for them to look at what improvements could be made let alone get rid of all the fly tipping on both sides.


Our fingers point in the direction of the three Trafford Labour councillors for the area who will be well aware of how bad Chapel Lane is and well aware also of this and other events, they are like all the other Labour councillors still hiding in a cave with only Starmer coning out and backing the government on just about everything.

This is indeed a political thing, all at Trafford Council should be held to account for any injuries sustained during the run if its proven that it was caused by a pothole or road defect, and we suggest you contact your legal team for more advice.

Its a clear embarrassment for Partington and for residents of Trafford having people come into the area and they see the state of it! what message does this send to people?

If nothing is done about this road, we suggest to the organisers to change the route slightly the next time in the best interests of the runners.

We wish all runners all the best.