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Update 11pm: Facebook returns although posting links has not returned all posts will be on our Twitter feed.

At the time of publishing this article Facebook, Whats App and Instagram are all down due to a major outage which is thought to be a server issue.

Facebook and all the other Facebook owned social media names including Messenger went down at around 5pm tonight (4 October 2021)

In the past things like this have happened and slowly all the sites have returned.

When going to Facebook its saying “Bad gateway failed to ping” which tells us this is a server issue rather than anything suspicious, lots of people enjoy Facebook despite its privacy issues, and of course people enjoy Instagram where you could ear a few quid.

Not to worry though Twitter is still working fine as is YouTube and other social media websites although we have heard some issues with Snapchat.

We will update this article when we know more about what happemed.