Throughout the pandemic we saw on our screens the UK PM telling the country to be prepared for a deadly disease that in his own words could mean you many never see members of your family again.

Indeed many people did die from Covid (which is tragic) we are not for one saying it was a lie, or some crazy hoax! what we are saying is through official data that we did not have to be so scared, that we did not have to go into a crazy lockdown and yes! people died from other problems because of Covid.

Covid deaths in yellow, other deaths in light grey

We can reveal that in April of 2020 more people died of Covid in care homes than everything else, the same again in August last year although not as high, anyone who had diabetes were at severe risk of dying as could be seen on the graphic.

The biggest killer was Cancer and heart attacks, Covid would not have come in the top 5 deaths last year and yet it was the only thing people were talking about, the only thing all of mainstream media was talking about, maybe this was to be a distraction.

People got so scares because of mainstream media they wouldn’t even get into an ambulance! we have had conversations with a Trafford GP telling us of what was going on, hidden away! what was told on your screen or in publications were stories made up in a fairy tail world, we dealt with the reality throughout.

Big names in the world of medicine, and specialists in virology all coming out telling the public not to be so frightened, all seemingly ignored, how could we have ignored these people?

In a Public Enquiry we shall see the likes of Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty, Patrick Valance and Jonathan Van-Tam all quizzed, and criminal proceedings taking place giving back the justice to all those thousands of people who died needlessly and many through fear, a fear that was nothing but a fantasy of what is the worst run government in UK history.

We can also agree the UK had the worst opposition in its history! had Labour been in power we would still be hiding under the bed sheets! we would still be in lock down, with Starmer in charge the party is all but dead, unless someone somewhere gets a grip of that party and kicks out Starmer and start again with someone who can lead a party Labour are dead and buried.

You can see all the statistics here