The delayed marathon due to Covid was delayed some more this morning as the waiting crowd which built up in Sale stood around and some getting so bored they took advantage of being able to play football on Washway Road.

It seemed like a lifetime of waiting and people could be seen leaving the scene, so bored some people took to cleaning out the gutters on the road since One Trafford are not able to do it.

And then as if by the miracle of magic the crowd came to life when the first competitor came into view, a wheel chair athlete going really fast, then a few more and finally people got to see the men’s race and at 20k into the race the leader had a fairly big advantage over the second place athlete. a bigger gap appeared as can be seen on the video.

Many people were confused as the half marathon got underway very early and thought it was the full marathon, it was noticeable both races at 20-23k all athletes looked very tired, even the so called elite athletes were not as fresh as expected.

Despite Manchester Marathon being called the second best marathon in the UK it has never attracted the elite runners, the household names of athletics and the inclusion of Manchester City Centre into this years marathon might be something the organisers thought would attract TV coverage.

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