A full council meeting was held last night with several members of the public being present opposed to the building of Carrington Relief Road from Isherwood Road to Carrington Lane.

Anna Chopping read a nervous statement to the councillors objecting to the plans for a road to go over Carrington Moss, before her nerves got the better of her she spoke about residents feeling powerless, fearful and angry, worried about all the housing developments that are going up and stress from all the HGV’s that roar past people’s houses on Manchester Road.

The main wording from Anna was that no one had a voice and their was no consultation, the Friends of Carrington Moss group wanted a seat at the table so they could show plans that would be much better than the current one the council is believing is the best one.

In comes James Wright a Partington councillor who previously couldn’t win a fish at a fair ground thanked everyone however disagreed with 1,633 people and said the relief road was beneficial to everyone,

Wright mentioned that a Ge- investigation had been done and it found no harm will come from the road to the peat moss, he also went on to say “inherrent inconsistency at the heart of this petition on the one hand the petition does not want any roads to be built heading east and will cause pollution, on the other hand its acceptable to build roads to Salford,”

The notable things he said was about the abandoned rail line which goes from Timperley over to Cadishead, he said: “The Proposal former rail corridor for green travel and the Metrolink network towards Timperley and the other way in discussion with Salford Council for links to Irlam.

It seemed he suggested that a cycle route could go alongside the tram line which would be a double wow! for people of all walks of life, sustainable travel at its best, interestingly moments after Wright stopped talking his leader CClr Western said: “A disused train line barely fit for purpose! would not sort that problem.”

Trafford Council leader CClr Western managed to all but hand the keys to the council to the Tories in a mad 15 or so minutes saying things like “My priorities are for people to get a good job and to have a warm place to live” when the discussion was mostly about the environment and infrastructure.

We visited in the past Western’s comments about pollution, that it was adversely killing people this was him at his best! however nothing much has been done since the so called ‘Climate Emergency’ was called in 2018, trees have come down at an alarming rate and we know why that is!


His remarks last night was a shift from caring about the environment to helping people get into jobs and having a warm home, the people of Partington and Carrington of course want these things, however the problems and concerns are not being listened to, as was said in Anna’s speech earlier.

The claim from both James Wright and Andrew Western was that Partington people wanted to see this road built! talking on behalf of the people in the area, we feel other issues needed talking about, the chaos is coming to both places, it will hit Partington harder than Carrington.

One tiny road will not offer any relief to Partington, for it to have any real effect it will need to be 4 lanes, the political elite need to get to grips with reality, this road needs a lot more money right now to be built, an application will be needed and without a doubt will be objected to.

One of those things political councillors forget is its themselves who got Partington in a mess, one thing you don’t do is build huge housing developments without first looking at the infrastructure, looking at what it will all mean, not just one development but all!

Its them that has got them fed up residents in mess, and the leaders statements and the councillor won’t do it, it was damaging to every resident what was said last night.

The reality though is people in Partington and Carrington continue to have no voice, the HGV’s will come more frequently soon on Manchester Road, this in itself will cause more chaos, again who said yes to the warehousing and storage that on the application said Manchester Road will see 70 or more HGV’s an hour?

Right now the only blame is with them councillors who said yes more than the man from Delmonte!

The only thing that will help them residents now is getting the Metrolink and cycle path on the abandoned rail line sorted out, more cycle paths around Partington and upgrade existing paths making it as straight as possible, maybe buying unused land from farmers.

Partington councillors need to search for building a new GP surgery and more shops in the area, secure toilets for Cross Lane Park and a toddler playground again making it secure.

All these things would be of great benefit to the people, however it will not sort out the chaos looming on the horizon of how the people are to get in or out of the area which is why a Metrolink service is now become a vital thing for the thousands of people who will be stranded on a daily basis.

It will free up Sinderland Lane which will not be able to take so many cars and vans, the 247 bus may even be cancelled since every service will be about 2 hours late.

It gets worse! parcel services will stop, food couriers will not come anywhere near if they are always stuck in mad traffic, takeaways will cancel.

These and other things are not thought about by the political people who themselves will suddenly realise that they will also be involved with this looming crisis.

For all the people of Partington and Carrington, your Political councillors have let you down in a very big way and so arrogant is the leader, do not worry though! he will also be hit soon, delayed every day, and more! it will hit him hard and will soak his head in his own bucket of tears.