Covershaw Lane bridge in Partington: Pic Google

Since the Government opened up the country from the pandemic we have seen more people in cars and a change in behaviour for some causing problems for every road user.

The chaos looming in Partington with more cars than the road network can handle, even if this small two lane relief road is built (that won’t make any difference) people will look to any road to get in or out and the only other road to stay in Trafford is the lanes (Covershaw and Sinderland Lane)

The most accidents seem to have happened close or on a small bridge not far from Partington Moss Lane, the small bridge goes over Sinderland Brook has a bad issue, going towards Partington many people have reported too much vegetation which is blocking the view of traffic coming out of Partington.

This situation continues and people travelling too fast at that point will crash if they do not see the other vehicle coming towards them until its too late, more so if the driver coming out of Partington is also putting his foot down, this is a crash waiting to happen and we have been told of yet another crash at that point today.

We are awaiting further information on the crash, however what we do know is about the dreadful congestion that built up both ways at around 5.30pm.

The vegetation problem could be the reason for the crash, however speeding would have played a big part in this and all the other collisions and accidents.

It is unknown who is responsible for the vegetation issues, since its not on Trafford Land, although it could be One Trafford are likely to cut down the vegetation.

With the looming chaos in Partington coming soon, this road will not be able to take all the traffic, and more traffic calming measures are going to be needed, the small bridge needs some attention or we will be seeing way more collisions and some of them will be cyclists.

We could point our fingers for every cyclist death at the Trafford Council leader saying he would prefer people to get a job and stay warm rather than opening up the abandoned rail line to provide cyclists a new faster safer route and possibly a Metrolink line, two sustainable methods of transport that is good for everyone and the environment.