Due to Brexit the UK has found itself short of many things including HGV drivers and now chemicals that treats sewage, MPs voted against an amendment that would have stopped water firms from dumping raw sewage in our rivers and waterways.

Trafford MP’s also voted against the amendment which means Sinderland Brook, Timperley Brook and River Irwell, Minor river Redbrook other waterways will be full of things that will cause nasty smells and serious health issues when we have flooding.


The Environment agency still has some powers to stop high level sewage, however any extra sewage is a disaster for our rivers and brooks, its not known yet if Canals will be affected.

We already have some permitted sewage dumped into our rivers, however they are treated with a chemical and causes no lasting damage that we are aware of.

The one thing we did notice was no one spoke about the fish and other species that live in and on our rivers and brooks.

Brexit is the cause of these problems and of course the pandemic, with the government all over the place on just about every issue we are heading for not only a brainwashed public, now a far more polluted land.

Firms that dump waste should still be heavily fined here in Trafford and we ask United Utilities to continue treating sewage in the same way sourcing the needed chemicals from far and wide to make sure our waters are the cleanest they can be.

Brexit has been a complete disaster from day one, the incompetence of this government to lead the country is another, the opposition are so far out at sea we will never get them back again, and now we have to put up with smelly rivers and brooks, people becoming unwell and our wildlife becoming sick and die.

Having a clean environment is surely the one thing this government must provide us, the wonderful scenes and a place where you can go to get some peace of mind seems to be in peril, with notices probably being done as we write this article telling people “Wearing a mask here is actually going to do help you”