Cadishead viaduct by Sasha Frary via Google Maps

That train line that goes over Cadishead viaduct and through Partington is being talked about yet again, a line that must be used as a sustainable transport route.

From the very beginning we had lots of communication with the late Labour MP Pail Goggins who sadly died at the age of 60, the former Wythenshawe and Sale East MP helped get the ball rolling, he was in full favour of the abandoned rail line that goes from Timperley out towards Cadishead being a cycle path.

Other contact we had was with Sustrans who told us that they had now got the line from Network Rail and awaiting funding, this turned out to be wrong.

Cadishead Viaduct: Pic Simon Davids

Lots of talks continued over the years about what is to happen, Trafford Cycle Forum discussed it a few times although as ever Stertford was mostly talked about.

A business man in Irlam wanted to have a steam train running along the line although it was not known how far, it seemed a great idea and with the Cadishead Bridge brought back from the dead, it could have been possible to have trains running down that line.

We then hear that some Broadheath residents has adopted some of the land and they told us that they would object to any proposed rail line.

In recent times Partington Councillor James Wright said in a live broadcast that the line could be brought back to life again maybe using Metrolink and the use of a cycling route was not out of the question, this would be the right thing to do, his leader though soon after, all but ruled out any use of this line.

Salford Council as Councillor Wright said was looking at bringing the line back to action again and so in the last couple of days Roger Johnson a Salford Labour politician issued a statement:

The obvious route to take would be for the viaduct to be given a new lease of life and to use this as a cycle/walk path into Partington and beyond.

In the future the idea of having either a Metrolink or a Train line would be a great and exciting idea despite the many objections that will bring, we believe the majority of people will approve the idea not only so Partington residents can get in or out of the area, it be good for everyone and the environent.

Having anything other than buses and cars along the route would be of benefit to everyone, so its a little off how the Trafford Labour leader once said: “The poor air quality in Greater Manchester is killing people.” he has seemingly changed minds and now wants people to have a good job and a warm home.

We hope that despite his most recent comments does not mean he is against sustainable travel and would actively co operate with Salford Council and put pressure on Network Rail.

The rail route and the viaduct has been talked about so much and yet nothing is ever done, the skeleton bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal is in a dangerous state and needs some attention, with the pressure and for the benefit of local people and the environment it is hoped Network Rail will do the right thing.