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With COP 26 underway and the world leaders and politicians, activists and Prince Charles all speaking about the dangers of Climate Change.

Many people though are not convinced that Climate Change is even a thing, they claim its a natural event and nothing to do with humanity, in part this is true! at the moment we are in cycle 25 of the sun and this changes weather patterns.

What is true though is we are causing problems with the environment, our air is dirty due in part because of the amount of cars,vans, buses and taxi’s that are on the roads, HGV’s also cause lots of damaging pollution, industry also pukes out tons of pollution every day.

The plastics in our rivers and in the sea is of the scale, whilst some action has been taken, what is the point in clearing up when a tide more bottles comes along after it, this could be a daily thing.

Brazil helping to burn down some of the Amazon rain forest was a sickening sight, just so they can build a housing development! to build more homes for people, we ask what is the point if those people will end up dead because they can’t breathe?

Without these trees, the Eco systems we are ruining its going to have a bad effect on us all, the lungs of the world its called and them lungs need protecting from irresponsible greedy politicians and leaders who may think the tiny cave they think will save them with air for about 5 years will save them!

The problem is though the more green we go the more it costs people, it will hit the poorest harder, so any green plans must be done with them in mind.

People will not change! leaders, politicians have to do more to get people from travelling so much in the car, little changes like going to school with the kids either by bike or walking, maybe taking public transport is an option.

Having more train routes opened up, getting abandoned ones cleared of vegetation then introducing a hybrid sustainable travel route, the Cheshire lines route from Timperley out towards Cadishead is a route that has been on many people’s minds now for many years seems to be going in the right direction, if only Network Rail could hand over this track or even use the track for rail again alongside a cycle path.

Let us warn you now! Trafford is heading for chaos on many fronts due to this insanely run council who’s leader can only say “My focus is on getting people good jobs and a warm home.” whilst we agree with the statement its also important that them same people can move about freely and have clean air in which to do so.