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Bonfire Night is only days away and this year will be the best yet! however we must also remember the firework code and stay safe.

Always follow the Firework Code

Whilst fireworks are great to see for everyone we still have to remember how dangerous these things are, every year hospitals see hundreds of people including children with burns, some are serious enough that they end up in a serious condition due to extensive burns.

You have to understand fireworks are explosives! and need to be treated in a very sensible way, so putting a banger or some other firework in your pocket is just insane! however people still do this!

We have to also understand that pets and wildlife do not understand what is going on, they will become very scared so you are asked not to be letting any off near an animal.

People are also sensitive to the bangs, including those with Autism and even our elderly people, they get confused and scared, for the very reason we support the ban on the sale of fireworks to the public.

Sainsbury’s has already banned the sale of fireworks and its hoped more will follow.

We suggest going to a public display instead, these displays are professionally done or are in a safe place, you will find much more enjoyment often with refreshments and good parking facilities.

Until fireworks are banned for public use, we hope that everyone enjoys the occasion in the safest way possible for everyone and to respect emergency services who are only trying to keep everyone safe if anything bad happens.

Throwing anything at firefighters only delays then trying to put out fires where they occur, this delay no matter how long it is could be the reason why someone who could have been rescued will have died, and it be your fault! you are always accountable for your actions…always!

Have a safe and fun time!