Manchester United manager is facing the sack after yet another defeat against a rival which this time was Man City.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has had a bad time of late as his Manchester United team falls apart with defeats against Liverpool and now neighbours Manchester City.

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Many fans frustrated with the way the team is playing, the way the manager is they feel is ‘out of his depth’ they claim that Ole has lost the dressing room and its time for him to go.

Other fans though argue that its the Glazers who are at fault, by keeping him for as long as possible damaging his name even further when they should have shown some respect and let him go.

Pic: Darren Marsden

In a moral way Ole has done Manchester United proud for what he did as a player, however professionally he just did not have what it took to be a manager, he needed the right backroom staff and more importantly a board that backed him at the right time.

The Glazers though have given Ole a lot of money to improve this team, however he has wasted much of that money with Van De Beek and Sancho being bought and hardly played.

Other players such as Fred and McTominay and in recent weeks the captain Harry Maguire have been slated for poor performances, some fans believe some of these players including Pogba threw Ole under the bus, other names have been mentioned.


The Manchester United board we believe are having talks and its expected Ole will be told to leave, until then he is still the manager of the team and he will, with his team prepare for the next game .