The beginnings of Broadway’s new housing development in Patington

We have many residents contacting us about all the new houses and flats going up just about everywhere in Trafford and all are concerned about infrastructure to pollution.

It is our understanding that the borough needs to build a number of houses and flats to help with the shortage of housing, however existing residents will be severly impacted by so many properties and it seems they are just an after thought in what we are calling a looming crisis here in Trafford.

Partington will be badly affected by all the new housing going up, already the new homes on Broadway have now been done and people have moved in, the back of this housing development is not far away from being ready, Heath Farm has some way to go yet however some properties have already been let.

76 new houses are to be built on the corner of Oak Road and Warburton Lane, 550 new houses and apartments on the side of Manchester Ship Canal and where a traveller camp used to be just of Hall Lane.

Already built are homes on Lock Lane (28) and 16 at the corner of Central Road, 48 are currently being built where the Greyhound Pub used to be on Manchester New Road, a new proposal for 10 3 bed homes could be built nearby at Neuholme.

Houses to be built at the back of a shop and car wash garage on Warburton Lane and its likely the new owner of 5.5 acres of land opposite Cross Lane Park will also be a housing developer, if this is correct that place will add another 200-+ homes to the tally.


It is now likely no primary school places are left in the area which means parents will have to go outside of the area, other vital infrastructure will be squeezed to the extent chaos will happen, too many people with too little infrastructure will cause some panic.

Its not just Partington who will have these problems, Broadheath, Sale, Stretford and Old Trafford are going to be hit hard soon with the amount of new people coming into the area, resources are going to be squeezed in all these areas and of course more cars and vans on the roads.

Huge housing developments in Broadheath alongside others in Sale are going to create one huge car park on the A56, space will be reduced to nothing more so at peak times.

On the Sale West Estate we have almost 300 new homes being built, new roads planned, this is crazy!

Whilst we want to get a halt on all of this, what we have said is already either happening or going to happen, it is too late! the council have screwed everything we have here in Trafford.

Pollution will rise ad we are already off the scale on a daily basis, 87 people have already died because of pollution and its set to rise past 100 by the end of the year, to make things worse this council continues ti cut down trees, thousands of them have come down in the past two years to help network engineers build its 5G network.

One member of staff at a local GP here in Sale confirmed that the reason why its so hard to see a GP is because the council keeps building houses!

With all these new people searching for a doctor they will never get one! its going to be a complete disaster, these people will end up at Trafford General walk in centre screwing up that service and Wythensahwe A&E and you can guarantee the government and local politicians will claim its Covid!


Whilst we know about the shortages and the huge waiting list its important the council planning committee understands that anymore houses they approve will only add to the chaotic scenes we are to see which will include themselves, they need to look at the infrastructure, build it up so new and existing people will have access to a GP, Dentist, Optician, a full range of shops, introduce rail or Metrolink services where possible.

Introducing more safer cycling routes is needed however where the roads narrow it will be difficult to add anything, sadly whoever first started building Trafford to what it is today obviously thought cycling was not going to be popular! how wrong he or she was.

All infrastructure needed to be thought about well before any proposed housing development was given approval status and we believe nothing if anything was thought about, we are completely disgusted with a couple of councillors on a live planning meeting who both told of the chaotic scenes, the lack of primary school places, yet! they still approved a development in Partington.

We have witnessed a Trafford Labour councillor saying “Partington is going to be a car park soon” and yet nothing is done, that statement on its own was a warning of the problems Partington is going to face soon.