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The Clean Air Zone will be operational at the end of May 2022 which means its time to check you vehicle or you could be paying a lot of money and on a daily basis until its fixed.

At this time we are seeing APNR cameras being fitted and as a result we are tracking them, here is a known list of APNR cameras going up in Trafford soon:

  • Church Road Flixton – near the church – scheduled to be installed on 23/11/21
  • Edge Lane Stretford – just past Longford Park heading towards Chorlton- scheduled to be installed on 22/11/21
  • Manchester Road Altrincham – Park Road JNC A56 – Scheduled to be built on 22/11/21

With over 850 APNR cameras to be operational we expect a lot more cameras will be fitted on lampposts, these cameras will check plate numbers and take photos of the area its pointing at, this information will be shared between a firm called Egis and Siemens.


The idea is to bring down pollution levels in Greater Manchester which is often way too high and many people have already died because of pollution most of which is from industry.

If you have a (Non Compliant Vehicle) you will be charged a daily fee to be in the zone which includes Trafford, a none compliant vehicle could be anything from a car to even a bus! although private cars, motorbikes and mopeds are exempt.

If none compliant these are the daily rates you will have to pay in a Clean Air Zone:

  • HGV – £60
  • Buses – £60
  • Vans – £10 from June 2023
  • Coaches – £60 from June 2023
  • Minibuses – £10 from June 2023
  • Hackney Cabs and PHV £7.50 they will be exempt until 01/06/23
  • Motorcaravans/homes/campervans: charge will depend on the tax class of the vehicle

The use of the APNR cameras though is a little confusing, we asked the question if they were of any use why are the APNR cameras coming down in April 2022 a month before Clean Air Zone goes live in Trafford, and that question has still not been answered and we can find no information.

So we can only speculate these cameras will not come down or if they do smart lights will have them, smart lights have been going up all over the place without your knowledge, they use WiFI antennas and a range of sensors, they can also fit APNR cameras.

The roll out of these lights have not yet been completed, however by the time May 2022 comes around they will have installed them on the big roads like Chester Road and Washway Road,

In time to come we hope to be able to give you more information on what the powers that be are up to for this time we suggest to get your vehicle looked at or you could be paying a lot of money to use it.

You can check your car and apply for the financial support scheme by clicking here