Tesco Christmas Advert: Pic credit Tesco

A Tesco advert for Christmas 2021 has got many people upset and Tesco has told people if they get enough people complaining they will take it down.

The issue seems to be when the advert goes into a news scene with the presenter saying “Breaking News Santa could be quarantined” and then someone playing the role of Santa is then seen to be holding up a covid pass on a mobile phone.

Covid passports are something not many people want and the fact that Santa is holding up one to be able to deliver presents gives a bad message to everyone.

The advert also included fire, stock shortage signage, Electric going out, the aircraft scene where it stops and starts is reminding people of what the government kept doing with the travel industry.

This advert was about Christmas, for the people complaining about it they believe its reminding people of what we went through and what could happen that would change the UK forever.

Vaccine passports should be scrapped with immediate effect, having Tesco use a Santa to continue with his work is a step to far for many people.


Although it is believed Tesco said it would take down the advert, it would still be in trouble with the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) if it felt the advert was more about the pandemic than Christmas, which it is, it would be up to them to decide the course of action which could land Tesco with a fine.

People on Twitter have come out blasting the advert and huge pressure is on Tesco now to pull the advert and offer a more appropriate advert that gives Christmas cheer and hope and nothing whatsoever about the pandemic or refers to it.

Tesco is a leading supermarket giant, they offer great value and do lots of good work for charity.