Peel L&P looking at the site near SAICA: Google Maps

According to Places North West Peel L&P are looking at vacant land next to SAICA paper mill that would see more industry infrastructure on the bit of land.

If Peel do decide to go ahead with any plans they have to buy this land it will likely be for industry rather than any housing development.

It is fine to have industry so long as local people can get a job as we have seen with SAICA paper mill not many jobs went to local people! however more industry means more vehicles and that is not going to help what already is a chaotic looking situation.

At this time we are aware land opposite Cross Lane Park has been bought and it seems acres of green belt just off Chapel Lane has been looked at possibly by a developer and we await further information on this.

The hunger for new housing is fine since we do have a bad situation in Trafford where more housing needs to be built, it also helps the local economy, however its no good for anyone if you dump these huge big housing developments and industry parks on top of a small village with little existing infrastructure to be able to cope.

This Labour administration has failed the people of Partington and Carrington, they must stop and think for just once! about existing residents and not the lining of there deep pockets.

We will update everyone when more is known about this Peel interest and any housing developments that are planned.