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The Integrated Rail Plan was long awaited and finally released yesterday gave the final details of what was going to happen to the western leg of HS2 and the plan is to proceed.

Although a slight delay in what the plan will look like HS2 will be ripping up Warburton and giving sleepless nights to fed up Partington residents.

The plan to proceed will also mean Dunham will be ripped up to make way for the HS2 line, this alone is a tragedy since not only the green belt will be affected much of the historical parts of the area will be lost forever.

We have to also remember the wildlife in all of these plans, completely forgotten about by those that are building the line, so much damage has already been done in Carrington and Partington due to all the housing developments HS2 will further this damage.

What will HS2 mean though for Partington? at the speed these HS2 trains will be going we expect even with sound isolation and vibration technology many people will hear and feel these trains more so during the evening, the problems before its operational will pose problems mostly for those on the estate and in Warburton.

Red line is Oak Road/Redbrook, blue dots show how close HS2 will be to Partington

Construction of the HS2 line will mean around the clock work, digging, drilling, banging, and for months! day in and day out both Partington and Warburton residents will be impacted by it all although HS2 work team will do all they can to be as respectful as they can.

The traffic disruption will be minimal whilst construction takes place although because of the line crossing Warburton some restrictions may be necessary.

Despite the impacts of HS2 in all areas mentioned we have to look forward to a new viaduct that will cross the Manchester Ship Canal which we believe will be one amazing development that many photographers will love.