Police have closed Britannia Road in Sale just as around 1000 people turned up to see Santa travelling on a barge down the Bridgewater Canal.

Officers turned up in full emergency mode at around 4.40pm tonight 27/11/21 then just as the Christmas boats were finally seen to the frozen crowd a Fire engine turned up close to Waterside, some people started to get concerned.

More firemen were on the scene as was specialist divers, a detective pulled up shortly after near the scene, according to a police officer at the scene he said: “The road has been sealed off because of an unwell woman who could take her life.”

We now have an eye witness statement and it tells of a woman aged between 18/24 who was on the roof of Kings Ransom, specialist police tried to talk to her to come down, we have no further information.

We have asked for more information from Greater Manchester Police and will update the article as soon as we can.

Police officer interviewed at the scene