Japandi bedrooms are set to be the most popular interior trend this autumn and winter, according to a new study revealing the home decor trends surging in popularity on Pinterest.


The study, conducted by new homes builder Miller Homes, used the Pinterest Trends tool to look at the searches for various decor themes in the UK, to find out where we’re getting the most inspiration from this year. Miller Homes looked at the difference in relative search volume between October 2020 and October 2021.

The results found that Japandi, the aesthetic which blends Japanese and Scandinavian decor, came first, with a 7,900% increase in searches for the term “Japandi bedroom.” The trend has accelerated in popularity in the last year, with people trying to embody the rustic minimalism, neutral colours and the respect for craftsmanship which Japandi is now famous for.

The top 10 most popular interior trends on our Pinterest boards right now are:

1 – Japandi – 7,900% increase in searches for “Japandi bedroom”

Japandi combines classic Japanese interiors with the simplicity of the Scandinavian aesthetic.

2 – Black kitchens – 6,300% increase in searches for “black kitchen inspiration”

Kitchens in onyx, graphite, midnight and jet black are dominating Pinterest boards.

3 – Sunset lamps – 4,400% increase in searches for “sunset lamp”

These lamps, popular on social media, replicate that golden hour glow that we often miss in the colder months.

4 – Pink bedrooms – 1,317% increase in searches for “pink bedroom ideas for adults”

We’re choosing blush, coral, peach and bubblegum pink tones for our walls, curtains and beds.

5 – Bendy candles – 1,150% increase in searches for “bendy candles”

Double-turned, twisty candles are having a moment on TikTok – and anyone can make them at home.

6 – Royalcore – 1,000% increase in searches for “Royalcore aesthetic”

Think four-poster beds, floral wallpaper, gold accents and a romantic ambience, Royalcore has been propelled back into the spotlight after the launch of Bridgerton.

7 – Pampas grass – 431% increase in searches for “pampas grass aesthetic”

This wheat-like dried grass is incredibly versatile, so much so people are adding them to vases, autumn wreaths and their dining room centrepieces.

8 – Green kitchens – 420% increase in searches for “green kitchen aesthetic”

Pinterest users are also looking for kitchens which create a sense of harmony, in emerald, apple and olive tones.

9 – Mushroomcore – 224% increase in searches for “mushroom aesthetic”

Combining the psychedelic 70s with fantasy of Alice in Wonderland, we can’t get enough for mushroom-themed furniture and decor.

10 – Cottagecore – 112% increase in searches for “cottagecore house”

Cottagecore celebrates nature and the idealised rural life, with wild flowers, reclaimed wood furniture and linen.


Miller Homes conducted the research after seeing the influence of platforms like TikTok, which the company recently joined, in providing more diverse and quirky inspiration for interiors than ever before.

Other trends which are appealing to Brits on Pinterest include sunset lamps and bendy candles, spurred on by viral videos on TikTok.

Perhaps surprisingly, mushroom-themed interiors are also rising in popularity on Pinterest, with “mushroom aesthetic” boasting a 224% increase in searches. Mushroomcore, an extension of cottagecore, is even taking over our fashion choices, with Timothée Chalamet wearing a mushroom-themed suit to the Dune premiere in October.

Adults are also seeking bedrooms with a rosy hue, as searches for “pink bedroom ideas for adults” surge. Pinterest users are opting for Moroccan-inspired coral and peach rooms, and even pops of bubblegum pink, resemblant of Elle Woods famous dress in Legally Blonde. The beauty of these trends is that they can be adapted to suit any budget.

Suzanne Thomas, creative sales director at Blocc Interiors, one of Miller Homes’ interior design partners, said: “As the seasons change and the colder months arrive, many of us are looking to transition our homes into a cosy escape. Japandi entered most of our vocabularies for the first time this year, and royalcore accelerated into the spotlight after the premiere of Bridgerton on Netflix – and hasn’t gone anywhere since.

“Pinterest is a great tool for visual discovery, and it’s no surprise that viral trends on other social media platforms are being reflected on our Pinterest boards.”

For the full study, you can see more here: https://www.millerhomes.co.uk/blog/2021/november/these-are-the-most-popular-interior-trends-on-pinterest-this-autumn.aspx