Police have today started an operation to tackle crime in Trafford known as Operation Avro.

So far police have raided over 14 addresses and arrested over 8 people for various crimes. This figure will increase throughout the day.


Residents in Trafford have largely approved the actions taken by police today although people from outside the borough are not happy that they have not got the same level of funding.

Police also were searching many areas for weapons, in bushes and fields, looking for weapons and anything else that shouldn’t be around.

Although the operation will end at some point police have said that they will still be looking and could knock on your door at anytime, the fight must go on to rid Trafford of the criminals who ruin people’s lives.

A good point was made by a user on Twitter telling the police that the housing groups have a huge part to play in the operation, since they do not do the proper checks on people, we are fully aware of an housing group on Wood Lane in Partington having very poor checking when it was Harvest Housing association now called Your Housing Group.

Back then we spoke to a man who was on the lettings panel and he told us clearly they are letting in everyone! only a year after hearing that Partington was in a right state.

Although its hard to get anywhere these days and you are having to swap, even at that stage both housing groups need to make sure all checks have been made and we believe this does not happen, so all that happens is the criminal (not knowingly) ends up somewhere else and ruins everything for his or her neighbours where it could have been a nice area.

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