Despite warning signs telling people that CCTV cameras are in operation people continue to fly tip on a road in Partington.

Chapel Lane is a known Grotspot for fly tippers and costs a fortune for the council to come and remove it all, we have seen and reported some of the biggest fly tips in Greater Manchester at this location over the years and so the council decided to add CCTV signage to deter people from dumping rubbish and other household items.

for the past couple of weeks we have seen an increase in fly tipping again, yesterday we bumped into a fairly large fly tip near to Cross Lane Park and other rubbish heading south down Chapel Lane.

With a free public tip only a mile or so away its not known why people want to be dumping rubbish like this.

It is often a fact that people out of the area would fly tip, however not always! and if you are caught out expect to be fined by the courts!

The tips in Trafford now ask you for a permit which you can get by clicking here: these a free of charge and all it does is stop trade people from dumping rubbish.

Partington has seen a dramatic reduction of rubbish for a while now and with local people doing lots of good work to ensure residents of all ages can at least live in a clean place this work really does make things much brighter.

You can also report any fly tipping by clicking here: