Before 5G was in Trafford we spotted an article from the US from a group of pilots concerned about the 5G frequency causing problems with an altimeter on an aircraft.


Over a year or so and we now have a safety notice by the UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) about altimeter interference with 5G frequencies, we have also read similar FAA warnings in the US.

To understand what an altimeter is, just imagine your on an aircraft or helicopter, the altimeter tells the captain how high or low he or she is, by mapping whats underneath, its more important when landing, it is on the same frequency as 5G which is 3.8GHz.

The biggest problem is when an aircraft comes into land on the ILS, when an aircraft has been asked to land itself due to poor conditions where the flight crew cannot see much and other dangerous situations.

Most people will have heard about ‘Windshear’ this is a pocket of air that simply drags the aircraft to the ground.

We doubt the mobile phone networks will do anything other than make things worse, it will come down to money! the only way to get the aircraft flying safely is to buy a bit of tech to stop the interference,

Some people on social media have commented that these are the final days of aircraft, others do not want 5G for a variety of reasons.

We believe 5G is not a safe technology, many people also are not happy here in Trafford, with this development maybe those that rubbished residents claims might just change minds, it will cause long term health issues, blindness to our animals, Bees will die because of the interference.

With the microwave beams heading in all directions, it will be the exposure time that will make people have a range of health issues and gradually become sick.

The aircraft situation though is one that the CAA and FAA needs to get sorted out and quickly to avoid any issues that could mean life or death.

You can read the full CAA safety notice here:

(Front cover image: Mobile masts at Manchester Airport via Google Maps)