It was a shocker of a year for the Three-UK network as 99% of its 5G masts proposed to be built in Trafford was refused by Trafford Planning Committee.


Trafford Residents Against 5G saw its most successful year getting almost all of Three-UK masts refused with the help of residents and political/parish councillors.

Despite the success other networks slipped through the net! O2/Vodafone and EE continued to either build monopoles or replace old 4G antennas with 5G antennas which we believe EE did on a big scale.

Many people do not want 5G here in Trafford for a variety of reasons, from the obvious health issues to where the mast has been proposed to be built, for the majority of people they were concerned about the health problems of mankind and its animals and that would be right since no safety data exists anywhere in the world.

Wherever a 5G mast has been placed house prices have fallen, insurance companies run a mile and a spike in health issues in those areas are known, the sleepless nights from constant buzzing from the huge base stations another concern.

The anti-5G group on Facebook has done a good job of keeping the topic on 5G rather than talk about the virus, it is a respectful group and anyone causing problems gets a warning then booted off it.

All information is accurate and properly researched and this is why its grown in numbers over the year.

The group managed to get three masts refused in Partington with the help of the Parish Council and a one objection from PPP.

Despite this success Three did manage to get one mast built in the area before the group was created and has now got a 5G signal on the estate and other areas, had the three other masts been approved the entire are would have been covered, we managed to stop that!

Three though don’t give up and will probably try again in Partington next year.

In Sale Three have been booted out in a very big way, first a 5G mast proposed for Coppice Avenue was refused, then two on Harboro Way refused, Carrington Road refused, Washway Road refused, Three did manage to get one approved in Sale Moor.

We have not seen any EE masts proposed in 2021 which suggests they are removing 4G antennas for 5G which could be one of the reasons why EE has a shocking 4G signal in many parts of Trafford.

O2 and Vodafone did very well in 2021 here in Trafford with Cornerstone getting all but one mast approved, the majority of these masts approved were in Stretford.

Our predictions are Three will continue to send in mast proposals and all will be refused! its expected Three will reduce the height of the Washway Road mast and a new proposal will go through, more mast planned for Partington, likely position will be Broadway, or even Moss Lane! we will keep you in the loop.