Official government statistics show that hardly anyone is dying from Omicron here in Trafford, despite the huge rise in people testing positive.

The recent data shows only one person died up to 6 January 2022, the previous set of statistics at the end of December 2 people had died.


Omicron itself is thought to be a mild variant and for the majority who have got it will recover within a couple of days, having asked those who have caught Omicron they have had a fever and needed a couple of days rest, they all recovered!

The majority with Omicron did not have any symptoms at all! this research was done from 01/01/22 up to today 07/01/22 in which we asked over 100 people from all over the country who said they had caught the virus, we are continuing this research and more are telling us they feel fine.

We think although the statistics are really high here in Trafford, people need to keep calm and if they get the virus and healthy need to do the right thing and isolate, although this isolation period should be 5 days and not 7.

Use common sense with this mild variant, if around loads of people wear a N95 mask not a cloth mask as that will do nothing to protect you, read the label if you do not believe us! even the three ply mask is of no use, although better than the cloth mask.

We read that using anti bacterial gel on your hands can also cause problems read here:

Often government and local politicians forget that this is the cold and flu season and have got mixed up with Covid, lots of people are sneezing, and just simply have a cold.

Drastic action such as nightingale hospitals or tents outside hospitals is a mystery to us, since they were never used when people were at risk of dying from Covid, will they be built?


The NHS is under serious pressure because of people already sick with other things, the cancer rates last year here in the UK was a much more serious problem than Covid could ever be, the NHS is screwed because of this and the lack of financial help for the years the Tories have been in power, the amount of staff they lost because of brexit.

Using a variant of a virus to disguise the real problems the NHS faces is beyond belief! using a variant to continue to stop people from having life saving treatment for heart attacks is insane and should not be accepted by the public.

Trafford is going through a health crisis because they cannot see the GP, we asked a member of staff from a Sale doctor surgery who told us the reason why people cannot see a GP was mostly to do with the amount of people in the area and not from Covid!

This was of interest to us as we know the damage all these new housing developments will cause to existing and new residents in just about everything we have taken for granted all these years.

This is the new normal they are talking about, and ultimately the Tories aim was always a US style healthcare system.