A new Montessori school has been proposed at Inglewood House at the Junction of Inglewood Close and Hall Lane in Partington.

Many residents have objected to the new school despite the dire need for school places once all the housing developments have been completed.

If approved the school will have just eight (8) places which will not make much of a difference to the area where new children coming into the area will face a journey before and after school to either Salford or Warrington that’s if they can get a place!

Car parking will be an additional issue for existing residents, for most though it will be the additional noise levels that are causing the biggest worries.

We believe the age of the children who can go to this school will be of nursery age if true the noise levels will be minimal the

the opening times will be from 8 am until 6 pm.

Noise levels have been recorded by experts and it seems the biggest issue at this time is traffic noise and this will increase as more people move into Partington.

If you wish to object or approve the new school you can do so now by heading here and entering 105708 in the search bar.