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Tsunami alert activated as a volcano erupted off the coast of Tonga 68km of NNW of Nuku alofa.

Video via TikTok

Just about every buoy in the Northern Pacific was in event mode and has been for a few hours since the volcano erupted which was at 2.45pm UTC.


The eruption measured 5.8 on the richter scale which helped send a shockwave all around Tonga and the Northern Pacific, the buoys around the US west coast were also in event mode as is New Zealand.

At this time its believed no one has been injured on Tonfa although the coast line has been bady hit as you can see in the video shared to social media firm TikTok.

The underwater volcano rarely erupts however when it does like today the alerts to move away from coast lines and get to higher ground as soon as possible, in a Tsunami event as seen in previous videos we have seen you cannot have a second chance, wait and hope for the best, maybe you feel safe on a second or third floor accommodation or in a car park? your chances of dying are now greater than at any time in your life.

Fortunately here in the UK we do not have much to fear although with the rise in sea levels the UK is in danger from a different danger, one we cannot stop, as the ice melts in Antartica the seas have more water and this water will find its way over sea defences on our coasts and will not go back out to sea again, this difference will change the UK forever.

The map will look different, Manchester will be under water, Trafford no more! all of us rich or poor will have no options but to move to higher ground, that higher ground will have others on it and for many the only other option is to move to another country or perish.

Food will be in such short supply people will be fighting for every scrap, every drink, every can of beans, our pets will perish, no longer can we care for our beloved pets since number one must take over as the most important thing, selfish to keep yourself alive.

A Tsunami is devastating, yet on the distant horizon comes a bigger threat to mankind and all its animals.