The Highway Code changes this Friday and it is designed to help cyclists and pedestrians to feel more safer on the increasingly dangerous roads and pavements.

Here is a list of some of the changes:

  • Cyclists can now cycle in the middle of a lane to be seen more clearly on back roads, slower moving traffic and at junctions.
  • Cyclists can cycle together on a road although they must let a motorist overtake when its safe to do so
  • Motorists are encouraged to adopt the ‘Dutch Reach’ style of opening the door so they can see behind them
  • No cycling on pavements, only pedestrians and disability scooters are allowed.

We welcome anything that improves cycling safety, however these changes mean nothing, hardly anyone follows the rules now! the majority go way too close to a cyclist going past them, some drivers have even been seen cutting them up.

Many motorists will not be ready for the changes on Friday, this could cause arguments or worse if a cyclist follows the rules, it will all come down to proof since police are nowhere to be seen, or won’t follow up an incident.

If the government are serious in helping cyclists it would be better spending money on keeping us away from the traffic, by that we don’t mean paint on the road, we are talking proper segregation.

In Trafford despite some cyclists thinking that we have enough room for segregation, the reality is we have hardly any space in Trafford for this to happen.

We have one route though that would be very popular and that’s the abandoned rail line that goes from Timperley to Cadishead, we cannot understand why this Labour run council has not got its act together and get this line re-opened again.

It could be used for both Rail and cycling, two sustainable modes of travel and will help fed up Partington residents get in or out of the soon to be small city!

We would also change the laws, what does a motorist get normally when they kill a cyclist? 3 points on the licence? a small fine? this is the problem! it needs to be changed to make it a prison sentence and a huge fine!

Pedestrians are not always safe even walking on a pavement as some motorists have killed some of them or badly hurt, we do know a couple of pedestrians have been hurt by cycles in the past with one dying in Altrincham although at a crossing, this is unacceptable and the right punishment needs to be given.

However cycling on a pavement slow and in control, maybe he or she has been spooked by a crazy motorist or is just cycling back on to the road after fixing a puncture cannot be an offence in our eyes.