Thirty apartments have been proposed to be built on land where Partington Social Club once used to be they will come with a generous amount of parking spaces and a bike storage facility.


The design of these flats are modern with a red brickwork outer and set back from Warburton Lane, each flat will have electric panel heaters, boilers and thermostats within, all flats will have double glazing.

Although Partington does not need anymore flats we agree that one bedroom affordable flats are badly needed in Trafford.

The development will have spaces for 21 cars and a bike lock up facility.

Partington Parish Council was contacted by the house builder before the application was submitted and was supportive of the development, Although we cannot think why they were contacted before residents, as they have no baring on anything that happens in Partington.

Residents should be contacted first in our view, they though now will have a chance to have a say which you can do by clicking HERE and adding the reference number 106048/FUL/21 in the search bar.

In the application it gives the indication that the area has good shopping facilities and transport links, it does not say anything about the other housing developments soon to swamp the area, it does not say anything about the struggling to cope GP surgery, the nightmare situation with road network.

The facts are that shopping centre is not going to be big enough for all these new people, the tiny shops located elsewhere could be overwhelmed.

We have no issues with one bedroom flats, these are badly needed however why dump them in Partington when its obvious existing and new residents are going to find things increasingly difficult in the next year or two.


More housing developments are in the pipeline for Partington and more of the precious green belt is chewed up something we know everyone is very concerned about, more thought is needed before any housing development is built.

Despite this we believe this new housing development will be approved even with objections, although you should have your say.