Samsung presented a live unpacked event on YouTube showcasing the S22 and its latest S series internet tablet.


The new line up will be the S22, S22 plus and the S22 Ultra, all these handsets will come with 5G, having watched the live broadcast by Samsung the S22 ultra is very impressive, much better quality than the S21 and a full recommendation from us to either upgrade or buy the handset outright.

You can see a comparison with the S22 Ultra and the S21 Ultra here and you can see that the hardware is more or less the same, with some upgrades to the processor and camera.

With the S22 being released soon we should see the S21 becoming a little bit cheaper, this handset is light years ahead of anything Apple can offer and will be for some time to come, if you are looking to save a few quid and want a top of the range handset you would be better hanging on a couple of months and upgrade to the S21 Ultra.

The Galaxy S8 tablet is streets ahead of the market with an enhanced camera and advanced hardware and software on board and worthy of a look.

You can buy the S22 handsets by pre-ordering which you can do here you will also get a free gift and the chance to further reduce the cost of the handset by trading in another phone you have.

A new Apple device is set to be released next month thought to be the iPhone SE 3 this will also come with 5G.