The UK government plans to reduce car parking charges deeply concerns the British Parking Association who feel responsible motorists will lose out.

At this time the Government proposals will mean a big reduction in private car parking charge from £100 to £80 for early payment and £50 will be reduced to £25 for an early payment.

The British Parking Association claims the reduction will strongly reduce the effectiveness of parking enforcement and see more people take the risk of ignoring the parking rules which are for everyone’s benefit. Importantly, motorists who do comply with the parking rules will find it more difficult to park, see free parking reduced and are more likely to pay higher tariffs.

In the proposals are to remove the debt recovery fee which is currently capped at £70, removal of this could see more vulnerable people going to court according to the BPA.

A quarter of private car parking spaces would not be managed meaning disruption for everyone and many commuters and shoppers will no longer be able to access transport modes, retail, or leisure destinations.

UK retailers will also be hit badly as footfall will decline Latest research analysing footfall in UK towns and cities showed that the closure of prominent town centre car parks could lead to a dramatic decline in footfall of between 5 and 7 per cent. Applying these figures to the 2019 store-only retail sales figure of £275.2bn would mean an annual decline in UK GDP of between £13.2bn and £19.5bn

Andrew Pester, BPA Chief Executive said, “We call on government to urgently reconsider its proposals given the unintended consequences for our sector, landowners, and motorists.

“We welcome the Parking (Code of Practice) Act and measures to introduce a single code, standards-setting body, and an independent appeals service. However, for this package of measures to be sustainable, there needs to be an effective deterrent to encourage compliance with parking rules and deter anti-social parking. Without effective parking management, places would become congested and inaccessible.”

Car Parking charges in Trafford are due to increase this year which has become very controversial, the charge is fairly big if you use these car parks on a daily basis, however the reason behind the increase is not going to deter motorists and if the plan the UK Government has goes through even more so.