Work has been underway for a while now at Heath Farm Lane and Broadway in Partington, the next phases 3 and 5 to build on more land has been proposed.

A total of 131 houses are to be built which includes 26 affordable homes, the housing development had already been approved, with phases 3 and 5 it will need further approval of the layout, appearance and scale.

The design of the new phases of this huge housing development looks more like a maze with a roundabout and new roads linking to Broadway, Peak and Northern footpaths Society inspector Martin Hampar has added his objections due to the lack of paths on the entire site that would give better access for pedestrians.

It seems all the houses have been snapped up on Broadway, and it’s expected Heath Farm Lane or ‘Heath Farm’ as it’s now called will be the same, this will mean many problems for the area.

In the very first application the house builder did its best to communicate with local people, Trafford Labour councillors and the parish council, with that in mind they would like to hear what you think of the new layout and design and have according to the application sent out leaflets to residents.

You can have your say on the application, by clicking HERE and copy and paste this number: 106818 into the search bar at the bottom, you can also look in-depth at the new application and discover more on what your local councillors and MP said in the original application.

In the application we noted that money was given by the housebuilder for schools although we so far we do not know if that money was given to schools in the area, with the near £5000 that Countryside Homes gave we believe between them it comes to almost £1m.

Schools are going to be a major problem in Partington and any money gained will be of great benefit although of course the dire need of a very big junior school will be something that will be needed in the near future as parents will have no option but to drive out of the area for the child or children’s education.

Of course we know about the road situation and this so called relief road that may or may not be built, not that it will do much anyway! and we know it will get a big opposition from Carrington Moss protesters which will delay things.

The housebuilder on Heath Farm Lane though has looked at the situation to an extent, it seems Partington Parish Council, Trafford Labour councillors and Positive Partington are in favour of this huge development, we are not! and we will never be in favour of any housing development until the housebuilder gets his act together and looks around the place he is dumping his mega sized housing development.

Had they done this, if any of them housebuilders had done the homework they would have not built anything! it does not take a rocket scientist to see the chaos that all these housing developments will bring to an area that barely has enough infrastructure to cope now.

The doctors are at bursting point not just because of Covid, just like any area now its all to do with the amount of people living in the area, the population in Partington has grown and will grow much bigger in the year or two.

With our own research and from the comments residents have already made we can see no one really in favour of any of these housing developments, and we are with them! We stand with them fed up residents to get what they want, what they need and most importantly to wake up those in power to do something for them for once! that being to represent them something none of them Trafford Labour councillors have done in decades offering false promises and lies just to get your vote!

This May you have a chance to put this right and tell them how you really feel by not voting at all! and we are 100% backing that campaign, this is your time!