The Pelican Pub (Pelican Inn) on Manchester Road in Timperley has been standing for many years and recent and past historical finds could delay it being demolished making way for a care home and apartments.

In a report by archaeologists found the pub was built twice the older 19th century version and an upgraded Pelican Pub.

What is left of the cellars of the 19th century built Pelican Pub is claimed to be of archaeological interest of evidential value of local and regional significance.

Archaeologists have said in the 18th century the Pelican Pub was surrounded by fields.

Greater Manchester (HER) records two fragments of pottery from the Romano-British period and
possibly Saxon period within the site boundary of the PDA (HER 3667.1.0).

These finds were discovered during the construction of the 20th century Pelican Inn. Further, the PDA was once located immediately to the east of the route of the Manchester (Mamucium) to Chester (Deva) Roman Road.

Due to evidence for potential Romano-British activity found within the PDA and its proximity to a Roman
road, it is considered that there is a low potential for Romano-British remains relating to settlement
and agricultural activity to survive within the PDA.

Saxon pottery, and coinage was found on the site suggesting more historical items could be found, the thinking is because of the Roman Road (A56) lots of items could be waiting to be found, however much of this could be under existing roads and other infrastructure.

Other things that could cause delays was the possibility of contamination under the pub, and in a live broadcast on the Trafford Council YouTube channel a spokesperson for the council even suggested Green King the owners of the pub could pull out and keep it as a pub! either way it’s interesting to know that below our feet could be some very historical things that could possibly be very valuable.

We will keep everyone up to date with what is to happen to the Pelican Pub and Altrincham Lodge once the application is given to Planning Committee.

You can also read the latest information on the application by clicking Here and entering 105786 in the search bar at the bottom.