Water levels are increasing at catchment areas of the River Mersey here in Trafford, Sinderland Brook in Partington is 0.4m off being on flood alert at 4.30pm.

We checked out the River Mersey at Sale and could see the water was very high and moving fast, water at Sale Water Park was also higher than it should be.

With the weather continuing to be bad throughout the day we expect Flixton and Sale to be on flood alert.

High winds in the area made things difficult for commuters and is always a risk in public parks which at this time fortunately we have no reports of trees coming down, although many big branches were seen on the ground in Walton Park.

If you live in areas where flooding is likely you must take action now! to protect your home or business.

It is likely bus services on the 255 and 247 to and from Partington will be delayed or cancelled if the mile road is flooded keep looking out for transport updates on social media channels.