A huge tree falls on to a miniature railway at Walton Park in Sale during the weekend as Storm Eunice caused widespread problems for Trafford.


The tree has not ruined the track however it will need the tree cutting tea to come out to remove the tree and to possibly cut back some of the other trees that has been damaged in the fall.

Storm Eunice the second named storm over the weekend caused many trees to fall and some roads to be closed, with the storms came the rain which helped flood roads as the River Mersey flooded at Flixton and was very high at Sale.

Although the weather has improved it will be still windy and some rain will be around we believe a new storm could come in during next weekend.

The weather has been bad due to a very active jet stream miles above us. it’s a bit like a conveyor belt full of storms, until it changes we will continue to have these weather related problems.