The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson caused much confusion about Manchester’s Clean Air Zone this afternoon at Prime Minsters Questions in Parliament.

One of the questions given to him was from MP James Daley that the Clean Air Zone should be scrapped due to in his words “Flawed Data” Boris Johnson believes the Clean Air Zone is damaging to business and does nothing to clean the air, he went on to say that he is glad his government is delaying the Clean Air Zone.

In response GM Mayor Andy Burnham said:

“The Prime Minister has got to stop playing dishonest politics with the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone.

“Only three weeks ago, his Government imposed a new legal direction on our councils mandating action.  Yet today he pretends in Parliament that those letters were never sent.

“We will not put up with this any longer.  We can’t have Ministers saying things to us in private which are then flatly contradicted by the Prime Minister at the Despatch Box.  Are the Government requiring Greater Manchester to have a Clean Air Zone or not?  They must give a straight answer to that question and they must do it today.”

Many residents also do not want the Clean Air Zone at least in its current format, the delay will not do anything much to alter the plan, although we need cleaner air without any doubts, it seems today the Clean Air Zone is all but dead in the water and if that’s the case we say get them APNR cameras down with immediate effect.