Thousands of trees have been chopped down in Trafford in a two year long cull that many residents are very concerned about.

Some trees need chopping down because they are dead and unsafe, big branches need chopping down when they grow too long and cause an obstruction, however many of the trees we have visited have been proved to be healthy.

Another big reason for the cull is because of the roll out of 5G the next generation of mobile telecommunications, It needs a line of sight to operate, the engineers will have given Trafford Council an image of the street scene and lines drawn from an approved mast or one that has been converted.

If any trees are in the way, even a branch of the 5G microwave beam which sends the signal from the mast to the user it won’t work, the beam would deflect from the area the network wants the signal to go, if you can imagine a beam hitting a tree or any object what happens? this is the same for 5G.

So the council’s tree unit gets notified of the cull from one place to the next.

Trees are our lungs, they also help to clean up our dirty air, we have already interviewed a tree cutter on the job and the man who did not want to be named told us that he was not fully aware of 5G however found it weird that he was asked to cut down healthy trees that was helping to trap pollution which he went on to tell us was bad in the Sale area.

We have had many emails from residents concerned about the cull, one told us of her upset at why all the trees had suddenly come down around where the old court house used to be in Sale, of course this area will soon be redeveloped into a housing scheme.

Pic: Darren Marsden

Healthy trees have been coming down everywhere in Trafford, we bumped into two trees freshly chopped down near Woodhey’s Park only yesterday.

The trees that need chopping down and are a danger to the public are on Chapel Lane in Partington with a road surface that resembles the moon! however the council never touch it, just waiting for them to fall hoping its not on the next car or cyclist that comes past!

We will continue trying to find a way to stop the cull of our trees and would like to hear what you think either by contacting us via email or on our social media channels.