Plans by SUEZ to give the public 24/7 access to dump rubbish at the Chester Road tip could get the green light if Trafford Planning approves.

The plan is for the original application to be amended and seeks approval to remove condition 15 and vary condition 16 of planning permission REF: 18164.

Clearance of waist is proposed to be from 7 am until 8 pm seven days a week including bank holidays.

This change will be welcomed by some people in Trafford although those living near the tip may not approve of the plans.

It is believed that despite the opening 24/7 a day (if approved) will not cause any significant increases in Traffic or foul smells.

Stretford tip has been going for a good 40-years now and according to a SUEZ worker the public can dump up to 2 tonnes of household waste a year for free (52 visits by car) so why people fly tip for is beyond us.

Currently the tip is open from 8 am until 6 pm and is not open on Christmas and New Years.

You can view the full application by clicking here and entering the number 107335

(Pic: Stretford Tip via Google Maps)