By Joe Adams

There are three tram stops in Manchester from which you can get to any location by tram, St Peters Square, Deansgate and Cornbrook. However, as we move further out of the centre to Deansgate and Cornbrook the cleanliness, pleasantness and feeling of security begins to decrease.

Manchester is one of the largest economic and most heavily populated areas in the UK. And a huge amount of regeneration and development has been taking place over recent years.

With the areas around Cornbrook and Deansgate seeing huge building projects and a flood of new residents. and with the greater Manchester clean air zone coming into operation soon, Cornbrook tram stop and Deansgate tram stop are becoming busier and busier.

The volunteers from the World Mission Society Chruch of God, ASEZ (young adult university volunteers) and ASEZ WAO (young adult worker volunteers) set out to do their part on Sunday the 13th of March 2022.


By giving these two tram stops some much needed TLC or as they like to say “Mothers Love” so that the lovely existing and new residents of Manchester can travel pleasantly.

About 40 to 50 volunteers came out and split into two teams. One team headed to Deansgate tram stop and the other to Cornbrook.

The Deansgate team cleaned up around the tram stop and in the side streets around it picking up litter and larger items that had been dumped. And the Cornbrook team cleaned up around the Tram stop and also the surrounding area.

Cornbrook tram stop and the area needed slightly more of Mother’s love. They removed fly-tipped items, cleaning the streets and the grassy areas to the delight of commuters passing by. Who gave the volunteers smiles and applause. Even some surly-looking young adults smiled and gave thumbs up to the volunteers as they carried out their work.

In total, about 60 bags of rubbish was collected and a large number of fly-tipped items including someone’s green recycling bin. The volunteers laughed wondering how the owner would escape being caught seeing as their address was written in large writing on the bin itself.


The volunteers were also able to notice a lack of council bins in the area. So a suggestion was made to the Manchester Councils Waste and Recycling team who were supporting the event. Hopefully, it will lead to the installation of more bins to maintain of the cleanliness of the area.

The volunteers were pleased with the result and also the willingness of more people to join future events. It seems like more and more people are interested in volunteering, helping the community and the environment more and more, which is great and highly encouraged.

The more who get involved the better as greater unity, understanding, consideration, and love is needed amongst all to solve local, national and global issues and it can happen when we work together for a common cause.

The World Mission Society Chruch of God and ASEZ/ASEZ WAO from where the volunteers came from is established in 175 countries with 7,500 churches. They believe in God the Father and God the Mother and that we are all one family.

For this reason, the work is carried out with the love of a Mother who considers others before herself and serves the family with a broad mind embracing differences among members which is an important mindset to have with so much diversity in today’s modern world.


The volunteers wish to work more and more to help our city, country and the world. They will continue their support for the global community through various initiatives sometimes behind the scenes and others on the front line.

On behalf of all of us we send our love and hope to bring a smile to your face or even work on a voluntary project together soon.