Local link in Partington which is run by TFGM is to be withdrawn on April 24 with only two buses being kept for early morning and evening services.

This will be cause many problems for people in Partington who rely on the service more so disabled people, Local Link drivers will also be out of work.

TFGM have told us that improvements to bus services in the area will happen soon, a new bus service (280) will replace the 260 service and will cover Dunham, this is not improving the poor public transport provision as they claim.

Funding was mentioned and it seems this was the real cause of the problem and the end to a service widely used by the people of Partington.

We have asked for a statement by GM Mayor Andy Burnham about this issue and to put pressure on him to change minds, we are also aware of a petition which you can sign here

Nick Roberts, TfGM’s Head of Services and Commercial Development, said: “Local Link has served Partington for many years, and I’d like to thank our loyal passengers for using our services.

“Local Link will continue to serve Partington in the early mornings, evenings and every Sunday, but the day-time service will be withdrawn.

“This is to avoid duplications with the general bus network, with Partington residents able to access a range of services in and out of the town.

“But these changes, together with alterations to the general bus network, will ensure that both Local Link and traditional bus routes can be made sustainable in the longer term.”