We sent Trafford Planning a message after receiving many messages as to why a mast application went off the planning list on the Trafford website.

The application ref 107290/FUL/22 was seen live for a couple of days then vanished and has not been seen since, we find this very strange, it would also mean residents would be less likely to object and so the mast could be approved.

We asked Trafford about the application and they responded by telling us of a glitch on the website, however another mast near Lancashire Cricket Club went live previously and has been up ever since.

The ‘Hidden from view’ mast at the sewage works in Davyhulme would be changed from 4G to 5G, It will grow to 20 metres high and have 18 antennas on it! we believe this is the most antennas on a monopole we have ever seen here in Trafford.


Although it is not on the planning list on the website you can still see the application by clicking Here and entering the REF: 107290/FUL/22

The application though seems to have expired and no one now can object, the glitch meant many residents in Davyhulme would have been unaware and so could not object.

Having a consultation is very important to people, and residents of this borough who deserve a say, this application in our view has been hidden and that is not fair, we do not buy it was a glitch, they had enough time to sort it out, since it is already available using the reference number.

Although the application has closed to comments, it is hoped that standing councillors in Davyhulme can find a way to extend the date so people can have a say, this would be the best way forward.