This years Manchester Marathon will be like no other as it will also host the England Commonwealth Games qualifiers.

Elite athletes can enter for free however you will need to have achieved the following times within 3-years:

Male Category A: Under 2:20 (marathon) or 1:05 (half marathon)

Category B: Under 2:28 (marathon) or 1:08 (half marathon)

Female Category A: Under 2:40 (marathon) or 1:15 (half marathon)

Category B: Under 2:50 (marathon) or 1:19 (half marathon)

Male Racing Wheelchair Under 2:00 (marathon)

Female Racing Wheelchair Under 2:30 (marathon)

Roads will be closed from 7.30am until 3pm this Sunday which for some means no deliveries can get through so we suggest making sure you get all you need on Saturday at the latest if you live on roads where the marathon takes place.

We offer advice to elite runners to be very wary of poor road surfaces that the council have let get so bad its becoming dangerous, we have spotted poor surfaces that could end up with a runner falling over or worse damaging ankles!

Many elite runners will be wearing the latest trainers with big foams and a carbon plate, these trainers have next to no stability and so they are advised to keep an eye out, it could be possible that the race organisers take a look at the surfaces in advance.

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