The cost of energy will go up 54% from midnight which will sting lots of people and without any doubt make things even more difficult than they are now.

If you are on a fixed price plan you are safe, no need to worry, however those on payment meters you should have as much as you can on that meter today as you will pay the price now for as long as it lasts, then you will be paying the higher rate.

We suggest you do this before 11.59pm this evening, of course only put in what you can afford.

Everyone other than those with a fixed price plan will be hit hard, the most vulnerable though will get shafted in all senses of the word, it is already one of the biggest rip off’s ever! so we have no idea what people are going to do.

Food banks will be rammed and queues may form in certain areas, these food banks will not be able to cope and could shut its doors leaving people stranded, choosing between food and energy.

Due to foodbanks needing more food it is expected they will be asking for more donations as they get low in stock.

The only saving grace is that light from the sun will help save people a few quid as soon it will go dark at around 10pm.

It will be the gas for the next few months that will be more of an issue, have showers instead of baths, and look at other ways of saving a few quid, another great help is during summer its much warmer so no need to be putting the radiators on.

The elderly though will suffer the most, they get cold even during the summer months and need the heating on, many will also be on a prepayment meter, it is hoped that family members could add a bit more to the meter tonight if they can, this will help in a big way for a while.

Whilst the government give a little bit more as the National Living Wage rises, this will make next to no difference, similarly those on benefits get a tiny increase which will not help out.

The £150 reduction on Council Tax bills will be of help to those that need to pay it, however it means nothing to those who cannot work because they either cannot find work or disabled.

The rise in energy is due to how much it costs now due to many factors, we think the big firms already make lots of profits and to add 54% on to people’s bills could have been much lower, the greedy energy companies win again and fat cat shareholder just get even more rich.

Not only are the government in serious trouble over the many wild party’s they had during lockdown and the statistical lies, having a hand in killing all them elderly people in care homes, and more! they can’t even be bothered to make things easier for there own people, absolute disgrace from top to bottom, we think this country needs new leadership under a new banner, sooner the better!