• Care home roof (Amended)
  • Street scene front view (Amended)
  • Pelican Pub

We have seen the amended plans that will make the new flats and care home look a little flat, a redesign that local people are now adding objections to the application.

The flats will now be located near to Sinderland Brook and the care home next to it near the shops all with a flat roof.

In between the 3 storey flats and the care home will be an access road which leads to the car park, to the left side of the flats where trees are located now it seems will be a green space and likely to have some sitting area.

The care home will have two levels once completed and looks to take up much of the space once the former Pelican Pub and Altrincham lodge is bulldozed.

One resident who objected was not happy with the flat roofs and felt the Pelican Pub was a nice structure and should be kept as it is, others are concerned about the extra traffic that will be in the area which is already struggling to cope.

The amended plans though do look good to us, a much better layout and although we agree with some residents about the flat roof design it won’t make much of a difference to the street scene.

Trees though will have to come down, already we see one big tree felled by the recent storms however more will have to come down something many people will not be happy with.